Services & Sponsorship Opportunities

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As a self-funded Think Tank, our sponsorships allow us to function without grants or federal funding of any kind. We offer the following sponsorship services that enable constituents and companies to participate in Institute initiatives. Each of the services we offer is tailored specifically to provide the highest level of engagement and potency available. These programs are designed with optimal access built-in. We layer these packages so that you can maximize your experience with us in a profound and meaningful way.

American BioDefense Institute’s Services & Sponsorship Opportunities

Blog and Article Syndication:

Most scientific researchers, academic professionals, and biodefense/biosecurity executives blog and write thought leadership articles regularly. Our syndication service puts you on over 100 news affiliate sites for NBC, ABC, Fox, StarTribune Business, and CBS. Your blog posts and articles will be seen by 10,000s of new viewers each week. We have made this service affordable so that cost is not an obstacle to access. You can use this service for both new and existing content and it links directly back to your blog as the original source. We have just leveled the playing field, are you ready to start your movement?

Whitepaper Sponsorships:

We offer both sponsorships of whitepapers published as official Congressional and Federal advisory pieces. We provide custom reports based on the interest of industry organizations whose theme syncs with the foundation of Institute principles.

Our Sponsored Institute Whitepapers include (This also includes research whitepapers your organization hires us to write on your behalf as an Institute):

  • Your logo in the sponsorship position directly below the title on the cover

  • Your logo and company information in the “About this report’s sponsor” section at the beginning of the report.

  • Digital versions of the report will host your URL

  • Full Congressional and Federal Agency distribution

  • An invite to come with us to Congress when we advise on the content

  • Media engagements will be forwarded to you to talk about your involvement and company.

  • And much more

Congressional and Federal Distribution:

Our government constituents regularly communicate with us with the general theme in which they communicate with most D.C. Think Tanks, “We don’t know what we don’t know, so, what do we need to know about xyz”. Our constituents will put your approved report or whitepaper to good use and, in many cases, will ask you to come in and brief them on your research findings.

Our Congressional and Federal Distribution services include:

  • We’ll put an official Institute Cover on your report.

  • You’ll receive a full list of offices your report was submitted to

  • We’ll respond to Federal and Congressional inquiries that may want to talk to you about your findings or be briefed by you.

  • We’ll also submit to our media list and forward you the interview inquires by journalists.

  • Link in the Reports section of our Congressional Climate Report

Day in Congress:

Many organizations offer thought leadership programs to their c-suite to make strategic hires and elevate the brand of both the executive and the company. If your organization is in any of the industries we cover and your brand ideology syncs with those of the Institute and our affiliated constituency, we can offer a thought leadership strategy that you won’t find available elsewhere. We’ll take your select executives to Congress to meet with members interested in hearing more about the solutions you provide.   This isn’t a “sales pitch” session. We provide you a venue to have real conversations with Congress members and their staff about solutions-based strategies that are good for America, and members prefer to get information directly from the source. We’ll take you to 3-5 offices in the House and Senate and you’ll brief members and/or senior staff who cover your industry niche as part of their portfolio. This service coincides with our mission to bring our public constituents and our Congressional constituents closer together for better communication and a more meaningful solutions-based mechanism for information distribution.

Our Day in Congress includes:

  • Briefing schedule strategy and meeting setup

  • One of our Congressional advisors will be there to assist in communication and meeting dialogue.

  • Lunch in the Senate

  • Possible photo ops with members of the House and Senate

  • And depending on your interest, we can close the day with a press conference at the National Press Club where we record you briefing media on your day in Congress, your goals, what was achieved and more.

  • Cocktail reception in one of D.C.’s historic locations to close out the day.

  • The following week we will send a press release to our media contacts about your day on the Hill, and we will forward inquires and responses to you.

Submit Whitepapers:

Many organizations have written whitepapers or thought-provoking articles that are synergistically aligned with the Institute’s goals and mission. Upon approval, we will publish your material as an institute. You’ll receive all of the distribution and readership support our original research receives such as:

  • Distribution to key stakeholders in Congress, Federal Agencies, and constituents of affiliated networks.

  • National Press Club Press conference with media

  • A day in Congress where you advise and take part in question and answer sessions with members of Congress on your research findings

  • Summary article published on NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox news affiliate sites

  • Media engagement

  • And much more

Congressional Climate Reports:

Each month we custom tailor reports that break down the latest Congressional and Federal activity within our space. This unique report offers behind the scenes insight as to the goings on of the stakeholder space and how this impacts affiliated constituents. We include activities in both the House and Senate member, caucus, committee, and subcommittee level, as well as Federal Agencies.

Our sponsorships are offered on two levels: Our below the title sponsorship position is the premier branding position within the report. It’s the most visible and what people see when they open the content.

Section sponsorships are our secondary position for sponsorships within the Congressional Climate Report. Each topic section offers this unique branding capability, and there are typically 4 to 7 sections throughout the document. You simply submit your banner and destination link, and we take it from there.

Note: All banner sponsorships must be approved and follow certain guidelines.

Public Speaking and Events:


If you are an expert or have an organization you feel would have a topic that our affiliated constituents would be interested in, we are happy to host your event, virtual event, or invite you to participate in one of ours as a keynote or expert panel participant. There will be times when we have senior officials from federal agencies and members of Congress who participate and, depending on your topic, would be able to facilitate a commitment for one or more of these esteemed executives to take part in your event.

National Press Club:

Our brick and mortar event venue is typically Washington D.C.’s famed National Press Club. This venue has hosted some of the world’s most historic media events. Celebrities, Presidents, Federal Officials, and members of Congress grace the halls of this building regularly. Our events offer a unique mechanism for inclusion for your organization to gain access to turnkey branding strategy that has all the bells and whistles and is sure to be a high light for company or initiative.

Our events include:

  • Room for the event, room sizes can hold from 30 to 500 people

  • Sound, podium, and audience chairs setup

  • Video team to record the event

  • Media engagement

  • Cocktail reception after the event

Virtual Event:

Virtual events offer a unique mechanism for bringing experts together without the expense of travel and can be produced in a minimal amount of time. We offer sponsorship for these events in the identical manner in which our live events are sponsored. You can sponsor panels, your experts, our experts, or you can bring your event to us to promote and facility on your behalf and under the Institute brand. Of course, the topic requires approval, but we are always looking for ways to engage our constituents and give them regular doses of powerful information.

Our Virtual events include:

  • Online platform setup and recording
  • Professional editing
  • Full promotion to our affiliated constituents
  • Calendar of Events promotion in our Congressional Climate Report
  • And much more!

Keynote and Expert Panel Sponsorships:

Keynotes offer a unique platform for experts to communicate their insights to a ready audience with a keen interest in the topic. These sponsorships allow organizations to engage in powerful thought leadership branding for their executives who have a message to share. Sponsoring your executive to give a keynote address or expert panel can offer a wide range of benefits to both the expert you’re sending as well as the branding strategy of your organization. Keynotes and panels can be sponsored by organizations that don’t have an expert to send by simply using one of ours. At the same time, you gain sponsorship branding for your organization. You receive several layers of promotion and branding with all of these strategies, such as:

  • Executive and Organization name and logo on event promotional material
  • Media engagement
  • Placement in the calendar of events in our Congressional Climate Report
  • Promotional material distribution offers a massive audience Congressional, Federal, Industry, and constituent distribution.
  • And much more

Science-Niche Focused Executive Media Engagement:

Our mission is to be the BioDefense community’s catalyst for education and message amplification. We strive to create meaningful, elevated and enunciated experiences and access for our unique and underrepresented community. Many scientific research organizations, academic institutions and other science oriented public-private sector groupsrequirestrategic publicity to drive both revenue and their brand. Media engagement is a critical component of executive thought leadership and message distribution. Our AI-driven platform monitors the publishing and social media activity of more than 700,000 journalists.

We offer a unique and affordable service that will send journalists and media outlets a fully personalized email based on the criteria of their latest article or social media posting theme. You will be pitched as an industry expert for their next article, and when the journalist replies with a proposed day and time for an interview, that email goes directly to you, and you respond. Depending on your science niche, you could be pitched 20 to 200 times per day; it all depends on the popularity of the nature of your expertise. This service is meant to offer our community a game-changing media strategy without having to spend a fortune for robust and consistent PR.