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Reopen America

The American BioDefense Institute is working with Congressional stakeholders to formulate solutions to safely reopen the American economy with built-in biosecurity measures to reduce the risk of a surge in new cases of COVID-19 and minimize its long-term economic impact. We offer solutions to contain the spread of COVID-19, provide protective measures for essential workers and the population at-large, and convey the essential information to large segments of the population to educate and inform them, bolstering public support for these measures. Our program includes a multi-layered biosecurity strategy that can be used to globally minimize the risk of future pandemic outbreaks.

This initiative is not exclusive to epidemic safety measures and includes:

Collaborating with researchers to develop a set of new antiviral preventive solutions for a rapid pandemic response for the current and future crisis

First responder advisory

Bleeding edge user-friendly disinfection technology and training

BioSecurity and BioDefense virtual events for researchers

Federal agency communication of pandemic focused intelligence

Grassroot information and socialization strategy

Minority and low-income community outreach program

and much more.

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ABI has a unified constituency of more than 15,000,000 grassroots enthusiasts supporting our Reopen America campaign for a more expedient effort. We intend to serve as an outlet for reliable and well-researched information in the field of biosecurity, biodefense, and healthcare; that will stand out in the cacophony of disinformation and half-truths, which plague the modern media landscape. We have also taken our initiative globally via the addition of more than 50 Washington DC-based foreign embassies, which will take our tools, tactics, and procedures and apply them to their nations to reopen their economies in a bio-secure manner.

  • Our initiative is about empowerment and taking control in the face of the pandemic using resources that already exist, offering a true ‘firebreak’ solution as promoted by the DARPA’s P3 strategy.

  • We seek to provide a process that protects civil liberties and constitutional rights, bridging the gaps in bio-hygiene by utilizing powerful tools, tactics, and procedures we have at our disposal, and educating the population on how to use these to protect themselves and their families.

  • The best biosecurity is provided by multi-layered measures that make society more bio secure and can contain this pandemic.

ABI’s ReOpen America strategy offers a multi-pronged approach containing potent yet straightforward and userfriendly bio-hygienic concepts to open schools, businesses, and public spaces in an expedient, safe, and permanent manner. This strategy can be used to protect front-line medical workers, teachers, and other essential workers, as well as anyone else, requiring or wanting protection against the Coronavirus:

  • We start with ABI Frontline, a food-based nutraceutical that offers 12-hour immunity per dose. Each dose is self-administered using a simple nasal spray and mouth spray application. Two doses povide 24-hour protection against the Coronavirus. More information here

  • We utilize a powerful next-generation disinfecting technology that is both highly efficient and extremely userfriendly. More information here

  • For first responders battling the environmental elements, we offer a superior hydration supplement to counter dehydration, which is proven to have an adverse effect on immunity, including physical and mental performance; it offers 24 ounces of hydration for every 8 ounces of water they drink. More information here

  • We offer training and certification for front-line workers and first responder janitorial services to properly disinfect contaminated spaces and create a safe and sterile environment day in and day out. More information here –

  • We offer access to our grassroots base for reliable information from our experts and other sources, and to other biosecurity initiatives that align with our goal of providing maximum protection against future pandemics without

  • This layered approach provides immunity, topical disinfection, hydration, along with education and training of both the essential workers and the public. Our mission is to educate while offering practical solutions that can be used by first responders, front-line workers, academia, and businesses to minimize the impact and disruption of the current and future pandemic outbreaks.

  • Scientific research for each of the above strategies will be provided by reputable scientists with relevant biomedical sciences background.

  • Our program is currently available to first responders and front-line organizations through Congressional, Senate, Governor, and municipal governments. For more information about how to get access to ABI’s ReOpen America strategy, fill in the Contact US form below.