Our Research

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Our professional reports are researched and written by Ph.D. experts and industry mavericks. Our unique material is written for stakeholders and comes complete with everything they need to utilize the information immediately for amendments, media, new legislation, hearings, briefings, and more. We include talking points, summary, complete doc in the Harvard citation style, and our citations are vetted with a critical eye so that they can be trusted by decision-makers for plug and play information utilization.

All of our reports receive the following unique microcosm of engagement and attention so that every granular layer of each report is utilized with maximum efficiency:

  • House, Senate, and Federal Distribution

  • Articles syndicated to NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox affiliate websites.

  • Distribution to more than 100,000+ affiliated constituents who share and expand the readership of each document

  • Full Congressional and Federal Agency briefing schedule so that stakeholders in leadership understand our findings, and can put this new information to work for our constituents immediately

  • We identify vulnerabilities within the legislation that requires amendments, and we help offices include our findings to make the legislation they are working on more efficient.

  • Press Conferences to engage media

Our mission is to offer our public-facing community a powerful conduit to government stakeholders to hear their voices and positions loud and clear. Our constituents will be heard. The message will be clear, concise, and packed with potency. We never stop working for you!

At ABI, we share our research publications in digital format free of charge as a public service. 

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