Fellows Program

ABI Fellows have a deep background in pandemic relief and biodefense, with expertise derived from both academia and the private sector. Their primary responsibility is to share their knowledge with the Congressional and Federal Agency community by contributing research, expert opinion, and developing strategies to keep improving the nation’s biodefense capabilities. Through research contributions, briefings, press conferences, virtual summits, Congressional meet and greets at the Capitol, media engagements, and public speaking engagements, we can communicate critical strategies and solutions with vital implications for our National Security and the long-term stability of our economy.


Our extensive relationships allow us to promote our subject matter experts through a variety of promoted media interactions such as podcasts, television, radio, journalist inquires, virtual summits, industry journals, and more. ABI makes sure that our Fellows’ expert opinion reaches both the key policymakers and the public to inform and advise them on actionable steps, tools, and procedures to bring both short and long-term improvement to our nation’s biodefense.


The American BioDefense Institute Fellows Program is an “invite-only” Think Tank. It extends invitations to the leading experts in biosecurity. Our Fellows regularly brief the United States Congress and Federal Agencies on the evolving threats, solutions, and strategies in biodefense. They are comprised of some of the country’s leading experts in the fields of medicine, biology, and genetics, sharing a commitment to advancing our nation’s biosecurity.

Our Fellows program offers the following for industry experts with interest in taking part in an elevated level of industry leadership:

  • Institute Supported Whitepaper Publishing

  • Placement on expert round tables within Congress for solutions-based support to members, caucuses and committees

  • Direct Congressional advisory, one on one with members and their staff to consult on industry and institute initiatives

  • Assist Congressional offices and Agencies with legislation and regulatory wording and insight

  • Receptions with other industry leaders and government stakeholders

  • Keynote Speaking and Expert Panel Access, at events Globally

  • Direct media engagement to talk about industry issues and institute initiatives

  • Article Publishing syndication on NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox news affiliate sites

  • And much more