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American BioDefense Institute Launches ReOpen America, A Layered Bio-Hygiene Approach for Combating The Socio-Economic Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the U.S.

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar Helps Kick Off the Effort During the Campaign’s Formal Launch In Prescott, Arizona

Prescott, AZ., Sept. 21, 2020,/PRNewswire/American BioDefense Institute (A.B.I.) announced today the launch of its ReOpen America campaign, a bipartisan effort to reopen America’s economy, academia, and other elements of U.S. society. The campaign kicked off in Arizona’s 4th Congressional District, a region led by biodefense maverick and U.S. congressman Paul Gosar, D.D.S. (R -AZ).

Since the onset of the pandemic, A.B.I. has joined forces with several members of Congress, state governors, and other federal and local government officials to develop a much-needed strategy for addressing the “new normal” that was brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Their goal was to develop practical options for mitigating the pandemic’s adverse effect on American society and the economy as a whole.

“The ReOpen America campaign is modeled after DARPA’s P3 Firebreak strategy for combating pandemics,” said James Mayo, a biosecurity expert, and A.B.I. Fellow. “Our layered approach to a user-friendly, bio-hygienic, strategy for minimizing the impact of this and future pandemics.”

Several A.B.I. Fellows attended or sponsored Arizona’s 4th district ReOpen strategy, including Nelly Nastase, author of “Fogging: A Powerful Disinfecting Layer for Biohygiene?” and USA Ambassador of disinfecting fogger manufacturer Cube Atomizer; James Mayo, C.E.O. of S.O.S. Hydration and co-author of “Rehydration Solutions: Use During The COVID-19 Pandemic”; and A.B.I. contributor Christos Daskalakis, C.E.O. of M.F.S. Trade School.

The A.B.I. fellows and Congressman Gosar made several stops around Arizona’s 4th district, visiting Chief Dan Doyle, Lake Havasu City Police Department; Haven of Lake Havasu a nursing home service center; Chief Dennis Light of Prescott Fire Station; Maggie Greenwood, executive director of Alta Vista retirement community, and the Prescott location of the US Forest Services.

During the tour, Prescott Mayor Billie Orr reiterated, “Here in Prescott, leadership prides itself in a unique opportunity to lead from the front lines.” Congressman Gosar continued hitting home the long term biohygiene message that, “There is no silver bullet solution to solving this pandemic, but we need a Firebreak to get us through this critical time until a viable and tested vaccine can be introduced.” In a recent Newsweek article Dr. Ravi Starzl, of A.B.I., added, “we need some sort of rapid response.”

A.B.I. plans to organize similar events in states around the country in the near future. This Arizona tour is part of A.B.I.’s broader efforts to partner with companies who have unique solutions that can improve the health, lives, and safety of Americans during this pandemic. A.B.I.’s mission is to minimize the negative impact of the Coronavirus pandemic while teaching Americans a newer and more evolved standard for healthy living during and after the COVID 19 outbreak.

About the American BioDefense Institute

The American BioDefense Institute is a Washington, D.C. based Think Tank, dedicated to nonpartisan analysis of U.S. and international biodefense capabilities and strategies, created in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. A.B.I. challenges the conventional boundaries of scientific disciplines by combining expertise in medicine, biology, chemistry, communication, and public policy to provide multidirectional strategies to meet future biosecurity challenges.

A.B.I. Fellows represent some of the most accomplished academic and private sector pandemic and biodefense experts in the world. This highly specialized Institute advises the United States Congressional and Federal Agency community on next-generation tools, tactics, and procedures for effective biodefense and pandemic relief, as well as briefing federal stakeholders on the next generation of biological warfare threats.

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Developing a New Model for Public Health During Pandemics

Join Us on August 13, 2020 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

Learn about a new model for public health during pandemics, as well as Passive Immunity from expert thought leaders in biodefense, politics, sports, and media. Register at

About this Event

Join CBS News Homeland Security Correspondent Jeff Pegues, Congressman Paul Gosar, The New Orleans Saints all-time leading wide receiver Marques Colston, Executive Director of American BioDefense Institute Dr. Ravi Starzl, Attorney and Veteran advocate John Berry, and IP strategist JiNan Glasgow George for a one of a kind forum hosted by The American BioDefense Institute.

Five months ago our health system was put to the test – and was found wanting. All around the globe, hospitals were overwhelmed, and leaders had to cope with an unprecedented and sudden impact on society. In the U.S. alone there have been over 150,000 deaths, tremendous unemployment, and major interruptions in many aspects of American life including business, law, and sports.

During the American BioDefense Institute forum, you’ll hear about a new model for public health that can interrupt the current pandemic, while ensuring our health system and society are better prepared for future threats. This symposium will provide expert data from thought leaders on how the pandemic has influenced sports, law, and business, as well as scientific research dedicated to addressing America’s BioDefense.

This forum is moderated by the great Jeff Pegues, CBS News Homeland Security Correspondent, featuring:

Congressman Dr. Paul Gosar who will be discussing the latest Congress is doing regarding the pandemic

Dr. Ravi Starzl will dialogue about a new public health model and explain the concept of passive immunity

Marques Colston, the New Orleans Saints all-time leading wide receiver and creator of Columbia Business School’s Executive education program for current and retired NFL players

Attorney John Berry will demonstrate changes to the legal system.

JiNan Glasgow George who will specifically address the pandemic’s influence on American Competitiveness

Don’t miss this historical opportunity to hear these great minds work together and address such a vital, immediate, and necessary topic. Register at

American BioDefense Institute Commends Congressman Gosar For BioSecurity Amendment

Amendment to Rules Committee Print for H.R. 6395 offered by Congressman Gosar of Arizona

On behalf of the American BioDefense Institute, we commend Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona on proposing an amendment to the H.R.6395 – William M. (Mac) Thornberry National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021. We submit this statement for the record to urge the Congress to include this amendment into the final bill to provide useful rapid pandemic response capabilities.

This amendment would add the Pandemic Prevention Platform to H.R.6395,obliging the Secretary of Defense to establish a program “to implement and advance thedevelopment of rapid and cost-effective medical countermeasures to pandemics.” The objective is to ensure that our nation has the capability to respond to any pandemic within 60 days of identifying a virus or other pathogen and make every effort to reduce this time frame to 28 days. This would provide unprecedented capabilities to contain and suppress anypandemic before it spreads.

This initiative addresses a bipartisan issue. The development of rapid pandemic response tools is a vital national security issue and a public health issue. CongressmanGosar has rightly recognized that pandemic prevention is a vital issue that has not been appropriately recognized until now. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic and its broader economic and social consequences, it is necessary to take action to prevent any future pandemic from having a similar effect.

One of the vital provisions of the amendment is the challenge to the American ingenuity to reduce the time frame of the rapid pandemic response from 60 days to 28 days. In the first 60 days of apandemic, every day is crucial, and being able to deploy pandemic countermeasures as early as possible is vital in saving lives. This amendment recognizes the importance of this and also recognizes that American companies and research institutions are capable of developing cutting-edge pandemic response tools with the U.S. government’s support.

The development ofrapid pandemic response tools holds the promise of effectively countering any future emerging infectious disease at its source. By preventing its spread worldwide and containing it and eradicating it if it reaches the U.S. These tools can be used both as a therapy for the infected patients and as a passive immunization method to prevent further infections and spread of the disease.

The American BioDefense Institute urges the Congress to accept this amendment to the H.R.6395 – William M. (Mac) Thornberry National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021. And ensure that the U.S. healthcare system is equipped to deal with any future pandemic effectively and that the American people are given the pandemic protection they deserve. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has shown that this is a vital issue of both national security and public health, and a necessary measure to protect the U.S. economy and the American way of life.